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TopoGEN is a research diagnostics company that provides innovative products and services for researchers working with topoisomerases and engaged in mechanism based drug discovery and development. Drug Screening Kits are available to identify topoisomerase active drugs for use in cancer chemotherapy and antibacterial applications. The company also provides assay kits for assaying both prokaryotic and eukaryotic topoisomerases (type I, II, IV, gyrase), both in vitro and in vivo.

We also offer a complete line of DNA substrates and DNA cleavage targets, topoisomerase inhibitors, topoisomerase antibodies, and kit replenishment reagents. The company was founded by researchers working with these enzymes and who can offer hands on assistance with your topoisomerase research, whether basic, clinical, applied or translational. TopoGEN was incorporated in 1991 and has a dedicated clientele. We offer substantial product support, data interpretation and consultation advice. We also provide custom compound screening services for topo poisons.  Please enquire.


Why buy from TopoGEN?

Our company was created by topo research active scientists who understand the needs of other researchers in the field or in areas peripheral to topoisomerases. Our team recognizes the unique details of topoisomerase drug discovery.

We manufacture quality reagents such as high molecular weight topoisomerase II made in eukaryotic cells without relying on purification 'tags.' We recognize the potential artifacts associated with unnatural additions to proteins used in drug discovery.

Our technical support staff is dedicated to providing you, the researcher, with the training and acumen you need to complete your research goals. Other 'big box' companies cannot do this--they get their enzymes from someone else and hand them over to you. They cannot provide the detailed expertise that we offer.

Our contract screening service offers you powerful, mechanism based custom screens developed and conducted entirely in house. Our cell based (in vivo) screens for detecting topoisomerase I and II poisons in the context of the cancer cell represents the new gold standard for identification of novel anti cancer agents.

When you become our customer, we become your partner in research. We review your data and offer valuable input. Feel free to contact us for further information about how we can assist your topoisomerase research endeavors.


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