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Mark Muller, Ph.D., CEO, Founder

Dr. Muller founded TopoGEN, Inc. and the Company became profitable several years later.  In 2015, TopoGEN relocated its Corporate offices and R&D Facilities from Florida to Central Colorado, using incentives and grant resources from the State of Colorado and from NIH. Throughout an almost 30 year career, Dr. Muller has directed successful academic research programs funded by NIH, ACS, NSF and a number of state and local agencies. He has published extensively in peer review journals and has multiple patents on his work. From 1980-2004, Dr. Muller worked at Ohio State University where he participated in the formation of the Department of Molecular Genetics in 1986, one of first academic programs of this nature in the country; he rose to the rank of Full Professor in 1992. In 1991, Dr. Muller did a one year sabbatical with Prof. Michael Smith, a nobel laureate for pioneering work on mutagenesis at the University of British Columbia. In addition, Dr. Muller was active in the administration at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus where he was Co-Director of Experimental Therapeutics Program. With clinical collaborators, he has been focused on bench to bedside research and was actively involved in the Phase I and II clinical trials programs. TopoGEN was initially founded in the OSU Business Incubator (Edison Foundation) and has been awarded a number SBIR grants that have led to spin off companies. In 1997 the company was awarded the Edison Prize as the most innovative start up company in Ohio. In 2004, Dr. Muller was recruited to join the University of Central Florida where he participated in the formation of a new Medical School, joining the UCF College of Medicine in 2007 where he was appointed Head of the Central Florida Cancer Consortium and assumed the position of Professor of Medicine and Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology. He has established multiple international commercial ventures with academic and biotechnology groups in Australia, Italy, Korea, South Africa, as well as high profile cancer institutes in the US (Ohio State University, Mayo Clinic).  Dr. Muller is active on editorial boards and acts as an outside reviewer for several different journals, including PNAS, EMBO Journal, Cancer Research, PLoS Biology and Genetics, as well as grant review panels. 

Soren M. Muller, President, Director of Operations

Soren joined the management team in 2001 and took part in TopoGEN's development into a global brand with multinational distribution. His career arc within the company has spanned sales, advertising, financial control, and strategic value-chain relations. Soren co-developed the company website UI and ecommerce engine, and continues to oversee the company social-networking solutions. He is a founding member of Methylation, Ltd., a gene silencing start-up, and CareCyte Biologicals which is developing a point-of-care tumor detection system for use by clinicians. In 2005, Soren completed the M.B.A. program at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

Wanvipa Ruangpradit, Technical Director

Ms. Ruangpradit began an internship with TopoGEN while studying in the Biotechnology program at the University of Central Florida in 2010. Along the way she has co-developed a number of company production protocols along with Dr. Muller. Publication credits include Inorganic Chemistry (52:7889-7906) and PloS One (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087203). She became head of technical and production operations in 2015.