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Thank you for your interest in our Custom Compound Screening Program. So that we can provide the most accurate details in estimating your costs for our services, please take a moment to provide the following information. When you are finished please submit the form and a TopoGEN representative will respond shortly with your quotation.

How many compounds do you have to be tested?

What is the purity of your compound(s) (select one response):

What stock molar concentration can you provide:

Depending on the project we usually need only 25 ul of stock compound at 100mM concentration. Can you provide this amount of test drug?

The maximum volume I can supply is

  • ul.

What solvent is the compound dissolved in?

Is your compound water soluble in the uM range?

Is your compound stable to routine freeze/thaw cycles?

What is the ideal storage conditions for the test compound?

How soon do you need the results (from now)?

  • Business days.

SERVICE TYPE (Please select all that apply)

In Vitro Drug Screening For:

In Vitro Drug Screening For:

Analysis of DNA Intercalation:

In Vivo Screening (in HeLa Cells using endogenous topo):

I am interested in having TopoGEN perform quantitative enzyme assays to measure extract associated activity prepared in my own lab:

I am interested in having TopoGEN prepare Topo/DNA Complexes from Genomic DNA for Genomic Sequencing (trapping with interfacial poisons)

I am interested in assays to support a clinical drug trial as a bio-correlate (for research purposes only)

I am interested in having TopoGEN perform Western blotting experiments to measure topo polypeptide levels in crude nuclear extracts prepared in my own lab:

I am interested in having TopoGEN test my lysates for topo/DNA complex levels using the “In Vivo Link“ kit protocol (ICE Assays).

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