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Mark T. Muller, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Buena Vista, CO

Dr. Muller has over 100 publications in the molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry of Cancer. He has presented his work at over 400 international and local scientific meetings and seminars over his 30 year career in Cancer Research. He is the Director of Cancer Consortium of Central Florida and held administrative positions in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Ohio State University. He has also been a study section member for the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society and ad hoc reviewer for the National Science Foundation. Dr. Muller has a strong research focus on topoisomerases, DNA/protein interactions, DNA repair, gene silencing, chromatin structure, DNA replication, telomerase/telomere function and gene regulation. These attributes plus extensive entrepreneurial experience in science provide essential leadership for the SAB. Dr. Muller is the founder of TopoGEN, based on his pioneering research in the field of Topoisomerase biochemistry and molecular biology. He has a career H-Factor of 30.

Enrico Avvedimento, MD Professor of Molecular Pathology and Cytology, University of Naples, Naples, Italy

Dr. Avvedimento has been active in research for more than 25 years. After medical school, he worked at the NIH and Columbia University in New York. His research centers on basic biochemistry and molecular/cell biology on hormone action, autoimmunity and gene regulation. He has published extensively in high profile journals, including Cell, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine and Science. He currently runs a large, well funded research lab at the University of Naples and has been involved in several University spin-off companies. Dr. Avvedimento provides oversight and consultation on the Autoimmune Disease Projects and works closely with our strategic partner, Prius, in Naples, Italy.

Orde Munro, Ph.D. Professor Chemistry University of KwaZulu Natal Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Dr. Munro has extensive research experience in metallo-chemistry and organic chemistry as a synthetic chemist. He was recently awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to perform research in the US (2011-12). Dr. Munro has synthesized a series of novel gold containing compounds that target eukaryotic and prokaryotic topoisomerases. TopoGEN has invited his participation on the SAB as part of a licensing agreement to develop the compounds as novel anti-cancer agents. There is a strong IP position on these agents with multiple patents filed. Dr. Munro has submitted several of his compounds to NCI for evaluation with promising results. TopoGEN staff have evaluated the agents in mechanism-based assays and validated their activities.

Jonathan Baell, Ph.D. Research Professor and Larkins Fellow, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Director, Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Dr Baell obtained his PhD in 1992 under Professors Peter Andrews and Paul Alewood. Then he obtained a senior position in Australia’s prestigious National Scientific Organisation, CSIRO, where later at the age of 28 he became CSIRO’s youngest Senior Research Scientist. After a decade as Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Australia’s Premier Medical Research Institute, WEHI, he was appointed as a research professor at MIPS, which is routinely ranked in the world top 10 for Pharmacy and Pharmacology. His interests are in the design of quality of HTS libraries, medicinal chemistry hit-to-lead and lead optimization, and computer-aided peptidomimetic design in order to generate compounds with potential therapeutic utility and of value. With around 60 publications in the last 5 years, he has papers in Nature, Nature Chemical Biology and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (12). In 2005 he was awarded the 2004 Biota Medal, an Australian National Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry for an early to mid-career researcher. His 2010 HTS publication on Pan Assay Interference Compounds, or PAINS, and has been most highly cited primary research article in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry over a 3-year period. However, of foremost relevance as a valuable SAB member, is his interest and efforts of translation, with highly successful outcomes: he has over 40 granted pharmaceutical patents making key contributions to a number of compounds in various stages of development, from preclinical to one currently in phase I clinical trials for anxiolysis, in a variety of chemotypes and disease indications. He also consults widely for the Biotechnology Industry.